We believe that every person must experience the incredible feeling of crossing the finish line of their dream race – no matter where. 

Since Founder Anna Edwards crossed the finish line of the Comrades Marathon on 31 May 2015 in her native South Africa, her life changed completely.

Since then she has been obsessed with finding ways to help others experience what she did that day – whatever ‘their Comrades’ may be – and to make the solutions she found facing problems when moving and participating overseas available to the rest of the sporting community.

The goal is to get you to the start as effortlessly as possible! Although we can’t train on your behalf (you wish!), we can help by listing high quality, verified available accommodation options in proximity to the start line of your race.

What’s next?  We are working VERY hard to also bring you hosts that can host you for free around the world, just like Anna does in Sydney, to help make your dream of running around the world more achievable.

As we are doing this for YOU, we rely your feedback on what you want to see on this site to help you.

Alternatively, email to with anything you’d like added to our site to help simplify your active lifestyles.


Anna Edwards

Anna Edwards loves running.  We mean SERIOUSLY loves running.  She even walks fast.

She also obsesses about creative ways to make running more accessible around the world without spending a fortune which led to the founding of GetToTheStart even before her and her (VERY supportive) husband had money for furniture when moving to Australia in late 2016 with 7 suitcases.

True and unintentional to the startup cliche, GetToTheStart was started on a mattress (which also doubled up as a sofa) on the floor of a nearly empty house.

As a youngster Anna earned Provincial Colors in cross country in South Africa seven times and attended the South African Championships.

Originally from South Africa, now living in Sydney, Australia, Anna has a dream for everyone – to experience the same intense, magical feeling of satisfaction and achievement she felt when crossing the finish line of her dream race in 2015, which was the Comrades Marathon.

Whatever your dream race is, keep working for it, and let us know how he can help you!